Why Cloud Contact Centers?

The demands placed on customer service teams and contact centers today are higher than ever before. Organizations want contact centers that can scale quickly to meet customer demand, and they want agents that deliver highly personalized customer support. Doing that means giving reps the ability to access multiple applications like customer service and CRM applications

5G Defined

Anticipation has been building over the roll-out of 5G technology. With major US mobile carriers having trialed 5G in select cities while continuing to expand the scope of their 5G networks, and with plans for broader roll-out in the coming year, 5G will soon be widely available. However, though 5G is often referenced and is

When and Why to Consider 4G LTE?

As cloud computing becomes the norm and more work continues to get done outside of the office, 4G LTE is quickly becoming the network solutions of choice for connecting people, places, and ‘things.’ That’s because most companies today have outgrown their traditional WAN networks, and they require much greater bandwidth capacity. Conventional WAN networks –