DRaaS: What is it and do you need it?

Making decisions about how to keep a business up and running can make for many sleepless nights for CIOs. Today’s businesses produce a staggering amount of data that must keep flowing in the face of business-killing disasters, as any interruption to a business’s operations can cost the company millions in revenue—and the CIO his or

Integrate Unified Communication (UC) System with Business Processes to Get More Bang for Your Buck

When it comes to UC platforms, generally the features and functionality that get the most attention are the flashier ones. Vonage, for example, offers an application called IceBreaker, where sales teams can send automated messages to prospective clients and sync it with their cloud-based calendar app and contact info. These capabilities give organizations an automated

What is Managed WAP

Have you ever been logged into ‘Guest Wi-Fi’ at a hotel and when you walked from your room to a conference room only two doors down, you got kicked off the Wi-Fi network? Or you’re at a tradeshow and you can only get Wi-Fi from one side of the show floor? If you answered, yes,

How to Apply Lessons Learned from Telecom Expense Management (TEM) to Cloud Management

As cloud services continue to become more pervasive in organizations big and small, companies are looking for smarter ways to manage and evaluate cloud expenses. Many cloud services are billed on usage related to software, platforms, and infrastructure. There are generally multiple contact options available, various service bundles, and pricing structures which makes comparing and

Business Factors Driving UC Adoption

In today’s ultra-competitive business environment, there are multiple factors driving the growing appetite for Unified Communications (UC). The pressure to reduce IT spend, coupled with a distributed workforce and rising expectations for always-on connectivity by employees, customers and partners are just some of the contributors pushing organizations to rethink the way they manage communication processes.