State & Municipal Government Services

Commonwealth of Massachusetts - MA ITS53

Blue Front Technology Group is an awarded service provider on the
ITS53 contract for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Through this blanket
contract, we perform fixed price projects for state-contracted services for both state and
municipal entities interested in cost-effective telecommunications solutions.

Telecom Audit & Optimization

Reduce costs and minimize loss.

We leverage our extensive experience and industry relationships to provide comprehensive audit and optimization services, helping government entities significantly decrease excess telecom charges. By identifying inaccuracies, overcharges, and under-utilized services within your department’s telecommunications expenses, we successfully help you reduce costs and minimize loss while simultaneously preventing future overspending issues.

Wireless Audit & Optimization

Optimize your wireless services.

Our in-depth understanding of the various state-contracted services available for both state and municipal entities enables us to provide the best and most cost-effective solutions available through the Commonwealth. A wireless audit will evaluate all of your department’s 3G/4G devices and help optimize your wireless spending into the most competitive and efficient rates, plans and coverage. Wireless audit and optimization solutions includes:

Zero use
Pooling optimization
Messaging plans
International roaming
Data - domestic and international
Incorrect early termination fees