Comprehensive Managed IT Solutions

Managed IT Services with your business in mind.

Your business depends on the critical IT systems needed to support your organization’s
core business functions. For many businesses with limited IT resources, procuring and maintaining
IT infrastructure can be costly and inefficient. Blue Front Technology Group is your
trusted advisor for all of your Managed IT solution needs.

Free Up Your IT Resources

Focus on strategic initiatives.

Understaffed or nonexistent IT departments lead to inconsistent IT efficiencies, unmanageable infrastructure maintenance, and wasted time negotiating contracts with multiple service providers. With our consultative approach, we will find the right solution to meet your needs, so you can enjoy the benefits of managed IT services at a fraction of the price it costs to hire more qualified IT personnel. With Blue Front as your trusted advisor, your IT department has the freedom to focus on strategic projects, and also enjoy the benefits of our extensive resources for building, deploying and maintaining IT infrastructure designed specifically for your situation.

Best-of-Breed IT Solutions.

We have the relationships.

For nearly a decade, we have been cultivating powerful relationships with IT vendors in order to provide you with the best options in leading-edge technology solutions. We bring together industry specialists to ensure that you have access to the latest, most technologically advanced IT solutions available in the industry today. Putting best-in-class providers at your fingertips, we simplify the procurement and management of your IT infrastructure, allowing you to be more efficient and focus on what you do best - your business.

Managed IT Infrastructure Features

Our focus is on you, the customer.
as-a-Service (Iaas)

We will determine the best cloud-based, IaaS solution to help you maximize the benefits of a flexible infrastructure without compromising reliability, functionality or security.

Service (Daas)

DaaS provides robust, secure, virtual workspaces that can be accessed at any time on any device, freeing up valuable IT resources and empowering your remote teams.

Office 365/Google for Work

Whether hosted in the cloud, on-premise, or a hybrid of both, our team will determine the right integration solution that allows your teams to collaborate better and increase productivity.

Disaster Recovery-
as-a-Service (DRAAS)

We offer you cost-effective, reliable DRaaS solutions that give you flexibility and control in the event of a disaster.