Managed Telecom Services

Strategically focused on saving you time and money.

From the procurement of new systems to the management of telecommunications expenses,
the effectiveness of your IT department depends on the careful implementation of a strategic IT plan.
We bring over a decade of expertise and to your business with Managed Telecom Services
that help you streamline this process, identifying risks, opportunities,
and solutions to support your IT and telecommunications needs.

Comprehensive Audit & Optimization

Minimize loss and maximize opportunities.

Incorrect billing practices, under-leveraged services, carrier overcharges, and under-leveraged services can wreak havoc on your bottom line. We offer audit and optimization services that identify potential excess charges or underutilized telecom services for telecom cost reduction. Once losses or opportunities are identified, you can trust our team of experts to negotiate carrier contracts on your behalf.

Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

Greater insight means more control

Controlling and managing your telecom equipment, devices, and costs can be challenging as your business grows. Telecom Expense Management (TEM) helps you better understand your business telecom environment and provides assistance in minimizing resources-draining management functions while also providing telecom expense optimization and bill resolution.

Help Desk

Improve end user support and resolution times

End user support can be time consuming and prevent your IT personnel from focusing on strategic IT initiatives needed to stay competitive in today’s market. Leveraging Blue Front for your IT help desk gives you the power to offer quality end user support while improving trouble ticket resolution times, saving money, and freeing up valuable internal resources in your IT department.